Why should I make a Will?

Having a Will ensures your estate including property, money, and possessions are distributed and protected exactly as you want it.

Without a valid Will, the law decides what happens to your estate. This is called intestacy or dying intestate and may result in things being different from what you would like.

Whatever your age, having a Will in place gives you peace of mind that whenever the time comes, you have safeguarded your family and estate.

Creating a will is a straightforward process we will guide you through. By understanding your aims and intentions our bespoke advice will be tailored to your individual circumstances.

In your Will, you can clearly express your wishes regarding:

  • Who you would like to administer your estate;
  • Who should act as a legal guardian for your children;
  • How you would like your funeral to be conducted;
  • Whether you want to donate your organs or leave your body to science.
  • Who you wish to receive the various parts of your estate, including your house, money, valuable and sentimental items.

Making a Will is not as expensive or complicated as people may think. Our team will talk you through the options available and ensure that you have a Will in place that gives you peace of mind when the time comes your family and estate are looked after exactly as you wanted it.

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